Understanding the Martingale System in Roulette

Roulette is a fun, fast paced game. Many like to approach it as an all or nothing situation, throwing down huge bets with the hopes of raking in an instant fortune. There is nothing wrong with this approach, and it can certainly provide an adrenaline rush. Though, if we’re going to be honest about it, such an approach will often result in loss. At least, it will result in a loss more often than a win.

But roulette can be approached intelligently, if you so choose. In this regard, adopting a betting strategy is basically essential. Especially for those who hoping to walk away from the game with more in their pocket than when they started.

Look over a roulette betting guide, however, and you might be struck by just how complicated it all seems. Yes; some betting strategies, especially in roulette, can be extremely taxing to put into practice. More so, it can be off-putting, especially if you’re not familiar with advanced strategy guides. But don’t be put off too quickly. It turns out that there are some strategies that are far simpler than you might imagine.

Let’s take a look at the Martingale Strategy.

Covering Your Losses

The Martingale Strategy in roulette is about as basic as an approach as could be hoped for. Though, at the same time it also happens to be effective. Picking it up takes just a few moments, and the results are more rewarding than many first assume.

Be you playing poker, roulette, Australian online pokies, or any other gambling game, the core concept is simple; make more money than you bet. Yes, we understand that this is stating the obvious, but it is surprising how many beginner casino game players don’t take this to heart. In the Martingale System, the idea is to ensure that you always cover whatever was lost the previous round, while still making a profit.

How It Works

The system works in the following manner. Assume that your base betting unit is 10, although any base amount can be substituted. Place the 10 on the red or black bet, and stick with it. You may also use the odd or even bets, which offer the same odds. If the bet is a success, take the winnings, and place another 10 on the same original choice. Let’s assume you chose red. Never change from this this bet.

If you lose, double the original bet of 10 to 20. If you lose again, double the new bet to 40. Then 80. Then 140. As you can probably guess, you will always make up your losses, while earning an additional profit.

Yes, this system does work. But it comes with strict caveats and has an element of luck to it to. The first is that earnings are slow, especially if you’re using small amounts. The second is that after 5 losses in a row, you are likely going to hit the maximum table bet allowance. So no, the system isn’t perfect. But the odds are that you can keep betting and winning for some time before the inevitable failure.

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