Spinning Through Time: The Fascinating Evolution of Pokie Machines

The Pokie Machines, or “Slot Machines”, seeds which were sown more than hundred years ago, lies deep in the annals of times. This marvelous phenomenon of entertainment has undergone lots of transformations while maintaining its relevance since its early years of development in the closing strands of the 19th century. In this article, we will travel the history and evolution of pokie machines.

The Initial Evolution of Slot Machines

The main spot where pokie machines were born among the blossoming world of the gambling in the end of the 19th century in the USA. The first gambling machines belonging to bars and special venues were introduced with a deck of cards, using dice and a variety of symbols.

However, the core of their designs was flawed because it did not include any automatic payout systems. The manager was to compensate winners with either liquor or even cigars-the two were more valuable at the time. These simple devices usually had a concept that might be a reel or five reels that were spinning.

The Sittman and Pitt Slot Machine

Right in 1891, which was a breakthrough made by the engineers – Sittman and Pitt from Brooklyn, New York – originated the fundamental machinery that is currently used in pokies. The very first machine consisted of five drums, displaying cards with graphic symbols exactly the way they can be found on video poker machines today.

A player would drop a nickel, and then pull a level, as it would trigger a drum, and form a winning poker hand from a list of various card combinations. Quite the opposite from modern machines, indeed this prototype does not showcase automatic payout systems, prizes are delivered by the owner of the venue directly.

Charles Fey’s Development of the Liberty Bell

It was 1895 when Mr. Charles Fey, a mechanic, landed a game-changing experience in the pokie landscape with the introduction of “Liberty Bell”. The machine was made simpler with just three reels and into it they put the symbols such as horseshoes, Bells, spades, head, and hearts.

The Liberty Bell became famous because of its ability to make machines pay out automatically the currency to players who landed the gold-colored French symbols; these are three bells, which is a big difference from similar models. Such an automatic payout option was a revolutionary novelty introducing Liberty Bell to the whole country and creating a situation that has led to the development of pokie machines where we recognize.

Evolution of Modern Pokie Machines

The Liberty Bell introduced the first iteration of the pokie machine and ever since it has been on an upward drive of innovation and technology. It has transformed itself with time as mankind discovers new ways of doing things. Here you can get an understanding about how the modern slot machines have shifted and turned into what you can visit.

The pokie machine scenery started to alter in the late 1960s–1970s during the electronic technology implemented in 1960s and 1970s. It enabled a new level of complexity to be incorporated in the games, and also the probability of the different payout options increased.

In 1970 the very first video pokie machine was installed as one of the first revolutionary developments that would lead to nowadays’ video pokies. This innovation had overtaken older mechanical reels with screens that showed animated signs that enabled the arch inventors to rely on their creativity. It could be interpreted to mean that the creation of pokies with different themes and additional features has been greatly affected.

The advent of the internet grew into a major step in the evolution of pokie machines that ended up being an essential part of the digitization process. This platform shift moved the accessibility level to a completely new level, such that pokie game lovers could now enjoy their cherished activity from virtually anywhere on earth with a stable internet connection. Australian online pokies started becoming numerously more in type and theme combined with attractive bonuses option, which made the like of player to video pokies different.

Ongoing Evolution

The rise of pokie machines is probably just touching the highest of the waves. Developers and manufacturers begin to compel for new, more creative ways to improve the gameplays by using the modern technologies such as artificial insight and virtual reality. It is noteworthy that as long as the same core principles are being followed, the incorporation of these modern technologies tend to boost our experience and joy of playing these pokie machines in the years to come.


Over time, pokies have made record progress that lends an insight to their indisputable staying power and intrigue. Proceeding from the basic design in the late 19th century to the highly technical and sophisticated machines that are currently available, pokies continue to provide people with the same excitement and amusement. In other worlds, they have played a vital role in the industry of gaming – thus, being the perfect blend of the new with the traditional. After the constant progress in technology, we may expect more and more astonishing advances in the “pokie machines” sector seen by both players and game enthusiasts everywhere.

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