Mastering the Reels: The Ultimate Guide to Video Slot Machines

For years, those who played slot machines were not given the same recognition as those who preferred table games of glory in a casino. This interpretation changed with the invention of the first video slot later in the 1970s as well as massive online platforms accounting for the multibillion dollar industry that emerged in the 1990s. Today, video slots have gained popularity and stand as the favorites game both in physical and online casinos.

This article contains all the information you need to know about the genre video slots; how and when they have been made, what game types are there, as well as the crucial terms such as Win Lines, Scatter symbols, Wild symbols associated with them.

Understanding Video Slots and Their Functioning

The video slots are now the most preferred game in the casinos today, dominating both the brick and mortar casinos-where they native over 80% of the casino space -and the online platforms,with video slots accounting more than 90% of all the bets placed in both mobile and online casinos. Nevertheless, the predominance of these machines around the casino spaces is a modern-day development because, in the previous times, they were assumed to rank lower than table games such as cards, roulette, and dice.

The Evolution of Video Slots

In order to really dig deeper into this topic, understanding the stories behind their origins is critical.

Seminal dates of video slots history are many and the picture changed prominently in 1994, with the launching of the first internet casino. This innovation was a stepping stone to the birth of mobile casinos onwards which are now not distant enough to be accessed by thousands of video slot games players worldwide from anywhere.

The Functioning of Video Slots

Technological developments have played their part in the video slot gameplay, though its primary elements have always remained the same, from the good old One-Arm Bandit to the latest Video Slots we see today.

Neither if they are old mechanical reels or if they are updated digital versions, all slot machines have identical designs with some symbols which go with different values. Moreover, every machine consists of paylines which show the positions of the winning combinations of the same symbols on all reels.

Steps for Playing Video Slots

In this guide we will elucidate many elements that must be taken into account while playing the video slot games. Although the fundamentals of how to play are quite simple, this can prove to be quite challenging. Following your wager on the payline of your choice, either press the spin button or pull the lever in the old-fashioned way for a reel to enter into rotation. On some land-based casinos, video slot’s functions remain the same where they preserve the lever just to convey the traditional view.

With the reels spinning stopped, the next target is to match images with the pay line patterns of the chosen video slot. Pairs alignment leads to a win earned by each player according to the symbol’s worth. Each symbol has its own value, a double symbol wins the player the bet twice, and a single symbol means the bet is lost.

Nevertheless, it needs to be noted that slots are programmed by the RNG system. This function acts as the guardian for the randomness that comes with each turn, thus blocking any possible way to manipulate or predict the outcome of a spin. On the contrary, players can reposition their bets or their payline numbers in some cases but the end results are a matter of luck completely.

Video Slots Paylines, Reels and Symbols


As outlined earlier in this guide on video slots, a slot’s payline is essentially a predefined pattern along which symbols must align to produce a winning spin. Traditional slot machines typically come with a single payline that stretches across the middle of the reels, rewarding combinations of symbols that line up from left to right.

The advent of video slots in the 1990s introduced a variety of slot machines boasting 3, 4, 5, and even up to 25 or 40 paylines. Innovations have continued, introducing slots that award wins for symbol combinations aligned from both left to right and right to left. Today’s video slots also feature paylines that weave zig zag patterns across the reels, and there are slots designed with a 1024-ways-to-win system.

The introduction of multiple paylines in video slots offers several advantages:

For those aiming to bet the highest amount possible, video slot machines provide the Max Bet button that lets players enjoy all the paylines in one click.


First of all the vintage slots were constructed with a 5×3 format where 3 reels appeared and three symbols were shown in each of them. Technologies made the workings of multi-reel slots, both to give eye candy quality, and to make a slot slot more diverse, delivering more thrilling gameplay and many winning probabilities. On the top of the list, there is no doubt that the most popular variety is the 5-reel video slot. At the same time, another type of slot machine with 8 or more reels and a higher number of symbol positions is being introduced in the market that makes gaming experience innovative and dynamic. Some just-charismatic slots have even completely moved from the traditional reel-shaped-boxes to the glowing grid with floating symbols.

Video Slot Symbols

In video slots, the game icons not only contribute greatly to the appeal behind the title, but also help determine the real value of your winnings. They are generally recognized as high and low-paying with each type signifying a different multiplier coefficient which in turn increases or decreases the number of times you could win as per the bet you will place. Symbols which align to any number of the paylines (like 2, 3 or 5 symbols) can have varying ranges with higher numbers of symbols depicting greater payout multipliers.

Video Slot Special Symbols

The Wild Symbols are designed to be used instead of other symbols, which is how they can be helpful to forming winning combinations, usually except Scatter and any special bonus symbols. While certain video slots may have the Expanding Wilds that grow to fill all of the covered reels thus increasing the possibility of a win.

However, we differentiate normal Scatter Symbols by the fact that once they are located on the reels they can open essentially random money bonuses or activate special bonus rounds immediately. Being linked with this, 3 Scatter symbols may give you an opportunity to grab Free Spins likewise. Sometimes, a specific number of Scatter symbols would need to appear in any position on the reels without any certain arrangement to start the bonus features.

What are the Benefits of Online Video Slot Gameplay?

1. Online and mobile casinos let you enjoy playing video slots at any convenient place and you are not limited to any particular offline brick-and-mortar casino. You are able to play video slots at home when you are on your couch or on the bus on your way to work. Without interruptions, day and night, when you are in a mood to click the reels to spin.

2. Visiting the casino involves foregoing usual routine, taking days off and covering transportation and accommodation costs. There are already thousands of dollars gone before you get your starting hand. Apart from playing video slots online, there isn’t any other thing to spend on. It is thus possible to spend a greater amount of both time and money on the reels.

3. This is the level of winnings that make slot machines worth while playing for in return. The expected RTP in the majority of land-based casinos is typically 80% compared to the virtual slots where you are likely to get as high as 96%.

4. The online casino world is very competitive. So they dispense massive slot bonuses to attract new players and reward returning customers with loyalty rewards. Video slot playing online often can afford you a remarkable bonus such as “sign up extras”, “deposit bonuses”, “free spins”, “and other enjoyable deals”.

5. Online casinos will issue a free bonus or Free Spins or the demo mode so that you can play with them for free, trying their video slots. By providing you with these options, you can explore video slots that are compatible with your personality or kind of gaming style. Moreover the opportunity to play free you will get to know the limits of the bet, the paylines, bonus gameplay and the various features of the game.

6. Slot parlors in brick and mortar casinos are almost the last household areas. It is noisy in there with people talking, speakers blaring and the games and slots’ noise machines making a sound all the time. Online video slots empower you to feel quiet while playing. You have only one thing in mind, this is your game, and you fully take in the graphics with every available sense. Thus you hear the fans cheering, see the flashing numbers on the scoreboard, and focus on your guesses and winning tricks.

7. Traditional casinos in brick and mortar are very limited in their space, which then of course, relates to a limited number of slot machines in particular. Along with the common practice of moving from one slot machine to the next slot machine by then-standing up, gathering some things and starting again to play a new game. Playing slots online provides an opportunity to browse and select from a huge number of slots you like just by pressing a button.

Tips on how to win on Video Slots

While video slots are an unpredictable place where each spin’s success is the matter of the chance only, there is one thing you should remember: none of the systems of winning guarantee the rewards. The contribution of the chance of luck in gambling to the whole of the game itself, especially in video slots, is just huge but still there are the gambling strategies for people to bring them closer to the favorable end. The major success would be the choice of the best video slot, which would mainly be based on your strategy and game style, with additional factors like volatility, RTP (return to player), and bet limit being considered. Adjusting for the factual reasons behind bonus features, like Multipliers and Free Spins, which can literally add to the winning potential many times, is as important as well. Instead of playing slots with hard money, players can gain familiarity with game rules playing in demo mode, but wisely using bonuses will cushion time to play, help increase betting stakes, but with the knowledge that there might be terms and conditions. Among the numerous important measures include staking management that requires betters to put in place limits on betting and budget to avoid rapid losing of funds. Players who enjoy progressive video slots should pay attention and follow jackpot qualifying necessities for the slot. At last binding the sessions to the strict time limit and combating the temptation to chase losses will help to diminish the risks of the game, allowing people to experience the allure of the spin responsibly so they will come again to enjoy more exciting moments! And finally, if you are ready to make real money and experience all of the perks of video slots, visit this class website

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