Jackpocket Review – Is This Lottery App Real Money?

Jackpocket is an app that enables users to purchase official state lottery tickets using their smartphones, and its growth has been fuelled by an ever-increasing number of winning users – recently overshadowing TikTok as Apple’s App Store’s most downloaded entertainment app!

It complies with local lottery regulations and only operates in states that permit online lottery sales. Furthermore, it utilizes your phone’s location services to verify if you are located within a valid region.


Jackpocket is the first officially licensed third-party lottery app that provides state lottery tickets via mobile phone. Based in New York and working closely with multiple states to provide convenient access to official lottery tickets. Furthermore, Jackpocket works hand in hand with regulators to ensure legality and prevent any inconvenience for customers or regulators alike.

Jackpocket requires users to be 18 years old in order to use its service, with verification taking place via scanning a government-issued photo ID or entering it manually into the app. Although not available everywhere, Jackpocket boasts over 2 million users across every state with younger, tech-savvy demographics particularly drawn towards its services.

Jackpocket offers players many advantages, including being able to buy tickets without leaving home and transparency and security of service – small prizes will automatically appear in users’ Jackpocket accounts while larger ones will be sent directly to winners.


Jackpock makes lottery buying simpler by making mobile phone purchasing of tickets easier and simpler. Users can select their numbers or opt for random quick pick, then order tickets through Jackpock’s app; once purchased from an authorized retailer by Jackpock’s team of purchasers and uploaded to our system for scanning purposes we notify winners if they win!

Downloading the app is free, however to play legally in most states you must be 18 or over and present appropriate ID documents to verify your age. During registration you’ll also be required to share any winnings with other users.

Jackpock provides multiple methods of depositing funds, including PayPal and Apple Pay, lottery games and an auto-funding feature to ensure you always have enough funds in your account to buy tickets or create lottery pools with friends to increase chances of success.


If you are lucky enough to win a prize, the money is placed directly into your Jackpocket account for use or withdrawal at any time. Jackpocket does not charge monthly fees or take a percentage cut of your winnings – an advantage over traditional payouts which require visiting local lotterie departments in order to cash your tickets.

Join a public or private pool to increase your odds of winning, with proceeds divided among its members if your pool wins. PayPal and Paytm payment methods are supported on the app; plus you can keep tabs on lottery results in real time with notifications alerting you about newly announced results, so there will never be an opportunity lost!

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