How to WinatSlots More Often

Modern slots are a sight to behold. Utilising high quality graphics, incredible artwork, and amazing special effects, they are testimony to how far technology has come since the days of the old mechanical beasts. But liking the look of slots and winning at them are two very different things. A question you may have asked is if there are ways to win more frequently at slot games.

The nature of slots, using random number generator systems, or RNG, means that matching combinations are 100% based on internal, predetermined statistics. Matches are made when they are made, and there is nothing that the player can do to change this. If anyone has told you that there are ways to achieve a matching combination, they are not being truthful.

But there are things to take into consideration. These are things to keep in mind when choosing a slot game to play.

RTPS And Volatility

Every slot has a return to player statistic, RTP. This is the percentage of money that will be given to the player theoretically over time. For most online slots this percentage ranges between 92% and 98%. The higher the percentage, the more the game is going to give in the long run. So it stands to reason that choosing a higher number is better for you. All slots are required to disclose their RTP, so be sure to check what the percentage is before you start playing. The slot will either tell you this on the help screen, or the percentage can also be requested from customer support. Remember that the same slot can have a different RTP depending on which online casino it is at. So if it is at online slots Singapore, or a different site, there may be a different percentage.

The volatility of a slot is also very important, and should be considered alongside the RTP. The volatility, also referred to as the hit rate,indicates how frequently winning combinations are matched, and so how often payouts are granted. Slots range between low and high volatility, which will also have a percentage attached. Obviously the higher the volatility, the better for you, so be sure to look this up.

Big Jackpot Wins

But just hitting a win on a slot is all good and well. What you’re really interested in are those big jackpot wins that weight your pockets down with loot. Is there any way to land a jackpot more frequently? Unfortunately not. The jackpot triggers are tied to the internal workings of the game, which means that there is no way to force a jackpot to happen.

In this case, it is all a matter of luck. You can only play and cross your fingers, waiting for Lady Luck to smile on you. IF you’re superstitious, you might keep your lucky rabbit’s foot close at hand, or perhaps your four leafed clover. When the jackpot does land through, be sure to treat yourself to something fantastic. Though don’t spend it all in one place, of course.

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