Facts about the Casino Industry – Surprising Statistics

Did you know that the casino industry is estimated to be 100+ in total revenue, this figure is always on the rise because more and more people are getting themselves involved and signing up to a be a member at their local casino, however online casino gambling is becoming more popular than ever, non-confident players will typically play casino games via the internet.


Are you searching for an online casino that are not signed up with the GamStop scheme. There are enough safe non Gamstop casinos that offer a whole host of products, from mobile casino to progressive slots and much more. Here are sites not blocked by Gamstop.


This infographic displays facts about a casino most people don’t know. You wouldn’t expect an everyday known food known as a sandwich to be invented in a casino. The invention comes from John Montagu, he was addicted and glued to the casino table, he refused to leave the gambling table to eat, therefore he ordered his servants to bring him some roast beef in two slices of bread so he could eat with hands.


Are you a fan of playing the roulette wheel in casino’s, did you know that when you add up all the numbers together the total sum is 666, because of this number, the roulette got given the nickname “The Devil’s Wheel”

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