Can I Play Jackpot Online?

Play official state lottery games on your phone (except while crossing streets, operating motor vehicles or chain saws ). Choose from Powerball or Mega Millions games!

Prizes may be paid out either in a lump sum or as an annuity payment plan; with lump sum payments representing one-off payments while annuities provide annual installments.


Powerball is a multi-state lottery with nine prize levels. If five white balls and one red Powerball come together, you win the jackpot, which begins at $20 million and grows every time it goes unclaimed. Other prizes range from $4 to $1 million with member lotteries contributing part of their ticket sales to an expanded top-prize pool to ensure its growth to millions of dollars quickly.

In some states, you can pay an extra $1 to enable “Power Play.” This feature multiplies non-jackpot winnings two, three, four, five or ten times depending on which number is drawn prior to the main drawing.

When purchasing your ticket, generally either cash or annuity options can be selected; however, according to federal guidelines if your mind changes after winning you may be eligible to request either a refund or new option; please check with your retailer for details.

Mega Millions

Are You Playing Mega Millions? Tickets can be found in many gas stations and convenience stores as well as lottery websites, with online retailers legal yet it is wise to read over their terms and conditions prior to purchasing tickets from them.

Mega Millions draws are held every Tuesday and Friday, offering nine prize tiers ranging from $2 for matching just the Mega Ball up to the jackpot prize of over $1 billion. Winning numbers are selected using five white balls and one gold-colored Mega Ball drawn at random from a barrel.

Megaplier can multiply your non-jackpot prize winnings two to five times by marking “Megaplier” on your playslip or telling the retailer you would like it added. Megaplier costs an additional $1 per play; jackpot prize payments are made monthly over 30 graduated annual installments (unless a winner opts for lump sum payment).

Lotto America

Lotto America is a multi-state lottery game with eight prize tiers and an initial jackpot prize pool of $2 Million that continues to increase if no winner emerges. Players can add the All Star Bonus for $1 and multiply any non-jackpot prizes two, three, four, or five times for even greater chances at victory!

At all costs, remember that there is no such thing as a guaranteed winning lottery strategy. Math and random forces always ultimately prevail; do not fall prey to pseudo-experts who claim they can guarantee profits by tracking combinations.

To play, purchase your ticket from an authorized retailer in a participating state and select five numbers between one and 52 and one from one to 10 on your play slip or mark the “easy pick” box on it – then the lottery terminal will do it automatically! Each ticket costs $1; multiple drawings can also be played by marking off multiple-draw boxes on it.

Take 5

Take 5 is New York Lottery game that boasts some of the highest odds for winning prizes, as it draws daily, unlike many other lotteries that draw only twice weekly. While jackpots may not be huge, they still offer opportunities to become rich. To win one must match all five numbers – 1 out of 5,575,757 dollars is offered as top prize; second prize awards up to 500 dollars can also be won by matching four numbers.

To play Take 5, simply purchase a $1 ticket and choose five numbers between 1-39. The lottery hosts drawings twice daily at 2:30 PM and 10:20 PM EST – you can check your numbers on the results page; prizes are distributed according to a pari-mutuel basis so their exact amounts may differ between drawings.

Players often select calendar numbers such as their birthdays or anniversaries and use Quick Picks for other combinations, which could prove costly if your combination does not contain one with high numbers – sharing the jackpot will result in everyone with similar combinations having equal shares of it!

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