A look at the Italian gambling regulations


Gambling in Italy is not new and cannot be taken as inferior in the world of betting. Infact Italian gambling has gambling regulations in place to help solidify its operation, making it formidable and standard in the world. However, you need to know the peculiarity of the regulations that surrounds it. Here is an article that will inform you. Since 2007, it has been allowed in Italy to gamble online, but the AAMS didn’t start handing out licenses until 2010. With the exception of wagering on combat sports, the vast majority of kinds of gambling that can be done online are not illegal. The Abruzzo Decree of 2009 legalized the market for internet poker, as well as betting on sports and playing games of chance with set odds, also known as casinos. Gambling, betting, and lotteries are all completely legal in Italy. Providers of these services are required to get a gaming license from the relevant state in order to legally run their businesses. The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic caused the total amount wagered in the Italian gambling market to drop by a significant amount in comparison to 2019, causing it to drop to about 88 billion euros in 2020.

The Body regulating gambling in Italy

The Italian national gaming authority is internally organised into various departments individually dealing with the various gambling products, and one department in charge of monitoring the offer of gambling services and tackling illegal gambling. To be able to provide online gambling services in Italy, operators who already hold licenses to do so in other EU Member States are need to secure additional licenses. Gambling done via the internet in Italy is governed by laws and is subject to a local licensing system. The legislation only makes certain periods of time available for the submission of applications for various licenses and permits. According to the provisions of Italy’s Budget Law for the year 2020, the starting price for an online gambling license will be €2.5 million, and there will be a total of forty licenses available. The licenses will remain valid for a total of nine years without the possibility of renewal. Applicants must be operators who hold licenses issued by a member state of the European Economic Area. By the 31st of December in 2020, a fresh solicitation for forty licenses to operate online gambling operations is expected to be announced. On July 14, 2019, a ban on the advertising of gambling as well as sponsorship of such activities went into full effect.

In Conclusion

Italian gambling regulations is covered by both primary such as civil code provisions etc, and secondary legislation such as the actual implementation of the regulation. Other specific areas are; Land based which includes lotto betting, slot machines sport and horserace betting etc, and online gambling such as virtual and live betting, poker and other card games, online lotteries etc. for more, you can check Italian bookmakers outside the aams.

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