How to Find the Best Betting Tips

Making money through betting predictions requires much logic, and those who follow tipsters more often than those who ignore any advice will have more success in winning bets.

Although numerous services offer free betting tips for sports, you should only follow tipsters with a proven track record and subscriber base numbering in the thousands – these experts often cause major odds movements when their tipster advice is followed by betting participants.

1. Pinnacle

Pinnacle Bookmaker is well known for their extremely competitive odds and hard-to-beat betting limits, along with offering various bet types such as parlays and teasers – but unfortunately no in-play game statistics.

This sportsbook offers an expansive selection of prop bets that are updated frequently, making them easy to locate and place. They even feature a prop bet builder so users can create customized bets.

This sportsbook provides an impressive variety of sports, from the English Premier League and Bundesliga to esports and offering high betting limits for these games. Furthermore, they feature numerous payment options which attract many bettors.

2. Sportsinsider

Sportsinsider is an app designed to gather information that can inform your betting decisions. With various tools that assist decision-makers ranging from odds comparison to data and statistical analysis, Sportsinsider makes decision making easy and informed.

This app offers expert insights and betting advice from sports betting experts, helping you identify the optimal bets to increase winning potential and maximise profit. Furthermore, multiple bets can be placed simultaneously and tracked using an AccaTracker feature.

This app offers a comprehensive selection of sports, with its focus being football. The free area is kept straightforward and prioritizes premium tips over those non-visible to non-members; all tips come complete with statistics and head-to-heads for added realism. All tips come backed by statistics and provide a psychologically sound layout.

3. Tipsway

Tipsway Sports Tips, another UK-based tipping service, specialises primarily in football and horse racing betting tips. Their selections aim to offer low-priced winners at low costs while they display each tip’s 0-10 score in order to provide transparency rather than complex statistics like hit rate, yield rate or virtual profit figures.

This app with a primary football focus provides both 3-way and over/under bets. While its free area may seem limited in selection, this simple tipster makes sure only to present odds between 1.25-1.70 so as to minimize risks that make statistics look bad – as well as ensure it retains value for paid members who will receive daily tips! This also applies for paid membership areas, where members will get several tips per day from this tipster!

4. Multi Betting Tips

Many sports fans enjoy trying to predict the outcome of sporting events for both fun and profit, placing bets if their predictions prove successful.

Multi Betting Tips does exactly what its name implies, providing users with betting advice for multiple sports such as football and tennis. Although its free section only provides limited tips, its paid area provides much deeper analysis on sports with sure and over/under bets available for purchase.

Once you’ve located Multi Betting Tips on Google Play store, tap to open its page. When asked for permission to access your device, select “Accept”. When completed, this app will appear under your list of apps with a progress bar indicating its download process.

5. Betfair

Betfair provides tips for an extensive range of sporting events, such as football leagues such as English Premier League, French Ligue 1, Italian Serie A and German Bundesliga. Their tips are prepared by experts with extensive experience in their respective fields – providing advice about national and international political outcomes as well.

Betfair’s betting exchange allows punters to set their own odds for sporting contests or races, and if others accept those odds their bets will be matched and credit given back as original stake. As a result, punters can often find better prices with Betfair than they would at traditional bookmakers; this is particularly applicable when betting horse racing markets that essentially offer equivalent opportunities.

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